30 January 2009

Zane Alen Earles - Update 30 Jan 2009

Zane Alen Earles, a 2-month-old baby who was ignored by his mother and grandmother and subsequently mauled by a puppy that had not been fed for days, died from multiple dog bites, according to an autopsy report released Friday 23 January 2009 by the Oklahoma state medical examiner’s office.

The 11-page autopsy report on Zane Alan Earles states the infant died from multiple soft tissue injuries due to dog bites. "There is nothing in the autopsy to indicate the infant was dead prior to when he was attacked by the dog,” said Cherokee Ballard, medical examiner’s spokeswoman. Disturbing to know that since both Linzy and Holly Earles (mother and grandmother) were sleeping in proximity to the child.

The autopsy lists the July 28 2008 death as "violent, unusual or unnatural” by means of a dog. Most of the skin and soft tissue of the left groin, left lower buttock and left thigh were missing, and there were contusions to the abdomen, the autopsy report stated. In addition to the descriptors about the child's body, the autopsy report also states that tissue from the baby’s body was found in the dog’s stomach. The puppy that had not been fed for days was a Lab mix and was euthanized immediately to determine if body parts had been ingested.

Linzy Leigh Earles, the baby’s mother, who was 17 at the time of his death, tested positive for drug use the next day but told police she smoked marijuana after her baby died, according to records released in November by the state Office of Juvenile Affairs.

Linzy Earles, now 18 (17 at the time of ignoring and leaving her child unsupervised with a puppy that had not been fed for days), was charged in November 2008 with second-degree manslaughter in the Tulsa County District Court’s juvenile division. Due to her age at the time she left Zane Alen Earles unsupervised in the baby swing to be eaten alive she is afforded juvenile filing and therefore the status of her case is confidential.


29 January 2009


In our area, this usually means school closings. On the Daily Show, it means businesses. Thank you Jon Stewart for sharing your droll sense of humor.

New Stock Market Terminology

Got this from one of the Seattle friends. Funny becasue it is true....

CEO --Chief Embezzlement Officer.

CFO-- Corporate Fraud Officer.

BULL MARKET -- A random market movement causing an investor to mistake himself for a financial genius.

BEAR MARKET -- A 6 to 18 month period when the kids get no allowance, the wife gets no jewelry, and the husband gets no sex.

VALUE INVESTING -- The art of buying low and selling lower.

P/E RATIO -- The percentage of investors wetting their pants as the market keeps crashing.

BROKER -- What my broker has made me.

STANDARD & POOR -- Your life in a nutshell.

STOCK ANALYST -- Idiot who just downgraded your stock.

STOCK SPLIT -- When your ex-wife and her lawyer split your assets equally between themselves.

FINANCIAL PLANNER -- A guy whose phone has been disconnected.

MARKET CORRECTION -- The day after you buy stocks.

CASH FLOW-- The movement your money makes as it disappears down the toilet.

YAHOO -- What you yell after selling it to some poor sucker for $240 per share.

WINDOWS -- What you jump out of when you're the sucker who bought Yahoo @ $240 per share.

INSTITUTIONAL INVESTOR -- Past year investor who's now locked up in a nuthouse.

PROFIT -- An archaic word no longer in use.

28 January 2009

Yin and Yang

I was looking up dog training and this appeared on the search page. Very cool. You can see more of her works at http://www.kmdogart.com/ This image located at http://www.kmdogart.com/yinyangweb.jpg

Equal Pay? No Way!

How do you think women have done since John F. Kennedy signed Equal Pay into law in 1963? If you first thought is "equal" you are wrong. Women are still paid less than men even if they have similar education, skills and experience.

Is this the rantings of some crazy person? Perhaps, but in reality, equal pay is about fairness, justice and economics. Women are in the workforce and their earnings are essential to keeping the family above water and not paying women equally to men punishes everyone in the family.

How close is it? In 2007, women were paid 23% less than men in similar positions. Put another way, 0.77 cents for every $1.00 a man is paid. This according to U.S. Census Bureau. Economist Evelyn Murphy, president and founder of The WAGE Project. She estimates the wage gap costs the average full-time U.S. woman worker between $700,000 and $2 million over the course of her work life.

As sad as the 23% is in the above example, it is worse for women of color.
  • African American women earn only 72 cents for every dollar a man earns.
  • Latinas 60 cents for every dollar that men earn.
  • Asian American and Pacific Islander American women earn less, too. Their pay inequality is less severe than for women as a whole, but they still earned only 88 cents for every dollar that men earned in 2000.

In May 2007, the U.S. Supreme Court has made it harder for women to prove they are the victims of pay inequality. The High Court ruled that women who believe they are being denied equal pay must file suit within 180 days after the discrimination occurs. In a strong dissent, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the only woman on the court, said the majority opinion “overlooks common characteristics of pay discrimination.”

The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act will restore the law to where it was before the Supreme Court's decision in Ledbetter v. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. Until then, the coupon at the start of this post is valid through 2050 so print, clip and see if any stores will accept it and then report back.

Good Luck!


27 January 2009

Digital TV Delay -- Yea!

The Senate voted on Monday, 26 January 2009 to delay the February transition to digital television. The transition has been pushed out until 12 June 2009 because some viewers would not be ready for the switch.

Why won't they be ready, you ask? Well the government's program to subsidize digital equipment that viewers will need has run out of money. There are a reported 1.4 million households on the waiting list for converter box coupons so they can race out to the store where many are also out of the boxes.

There were some holdouts on changing the date as they feared confusion among the potential digital television dates. I am certain that my mother would be confused about the change no matter when it happens.

More than 6.5 million homes are not able to receive digital TV programming, the Nielsen Company said last week. The figure is a decrease from last month, when Nielsen said almost 8 million could not receive it.

Jobs Lots!

Okay, that was probably a bit unfair. What I mean is jobs lost, but who would come and see that post? I am going to try and refer to the lost jobs as "people" because that is what this is really about, people not jobs.

So you know what to expect when you become the CEO of a Standard & Poor's 500 company, you should make on average, $14.2 million in total compensation in 2007 dollars. Don't forget that you will also get a severance package if you screw up and need to move on. Yes, they will pay you for doing a crappy job as they pass you on to the next company that will likely pay you more money so you can do a less impressive job there. Ah to be part of the good old boy network.

Let us take a quick gander at the job search market today. Hope you have a job. At this point, even a crappy job would be better than no job with the 45,000 new folks being dumped on the market.

Pfizer buys out Wyeth for $68 BILLION and then cuts 8,000 people. In the more good news section about Pfizer, once the companies are merged, another 15% of the workforce, nearly 19,000 jobs, could be eliminated in the first years. This from Pfizer spokesman Ray Kerins via LA Times. Pfizer CEO Jeffery Kindler's 2007 Compensation $12.6 Million. Jeffrey Kindler pulled in $1.35 million in base pay, $3.1 million in cash bonuses (down slightly from 2006), $7.5 million in stock and options. His other compensation included $175,000 for aircraft use and over $42,000 for his use of a car. Or if you prefer the SEC and AFL/CIO method, the proxy statement for Pfizer Inc. uses the new SEC executive compensation rules.In 2007, Jeffrey B. Kindler raked in $9,513,440 in total compensation according to the SEC. According to the AFL-CIO's calculation method*, this CEO raked in $13,075,099 in total 2007 compensation.

General Motors (GM) lays off 2,000 people in Michigan and Ohio and cuts back production. CEO Rick Wagoner's 2007 Total Compensation: $15.7 Million. The proxy statement for General Motors Corporation uses the new SEC executive compensation rules.In 2007, G. Richard Wagoner raked in $14,415,914 in total compensation according to the SEC. According to the AFL-CIO's calculation method*, this CEO raked in $19,761,874 in total 2007 compensation.

Caterpillar lays off 20,000 people. Caterpillar is currently the world's largest manufacturer of construction equipment. They announced fourth-quarter profits dropped 32%, a symptom of the worldwide economic slowdown. The 20,000 people eliminated make up about 18% of Caterpillar's workforce. Caterpillar Chairman and Chief Executive Jim Owens 2007 compensation $$17,375,469 Million.The proxy statement for Caterpillar Inc. uses the new SEC executive compensation rules.In 2007, James W. Owens raked in $17,107,741 in total compensation according to the SEC. According to the AFL-CIO's calculation method*, this CEO raked in $17,375,469 in total 2007 compensation.

Home Depot 7,000 people. Home Depot, the nation's largest home improvement retailer, is cutting about 2% of its workforce. They are also eliminating about forty-eight stores including some of the Expo Design Center stores. Perhaps the employees that lose their homes could live in the empty retail buildings? Chairman and Chief Executive Frank Blake 2007 Compensation $8.3 Million in 2007. The proxy statement for Home Depot Inc. (The) uses the new SEC executive compensation rules.In 2007, Francis S. Blake raked in $8,282,868 in total compensation according to the SEC. According to the AFL-CIO's calculation method*, this CEO raked in $7,641,426 in total 2007 compensation.

Sprint Nextel 8,000 people. This is a move to attempt a reduction in internal and external labor costs by about $1.2 billion on an annualized basis. Sprint Chief Executive Gary D. Forsee 2007 Total Compensation: $$26,948,631.00. The proxy statement for Sprint Nextel Corporation uses the new SEC executive compensation rules.In 2007, Gary D. Forsee raked in $40,006,629 in total compensation according to the SEC. According to the AFL-CIO's calculation method*, this CEO raked in $26,948,631 in total 2007 compensation.

Additional Companies Worth Noting: (Or is that worth nothing?)
Microsoft 5,000 people. The proxy statement for Microsoft Corporation uses the new SEC executive compensation rules. In 2008, Steven A. Ballmer raked in $1,350,834 in total compensation according to the SEC. According to the AFL-CIO's calculation method*, this CEO raked in $1,350,834 in total 2008 compensation.

Intel 6,000 people. The proxy statement for Intel Corporation uses the new SEC executive compensation rules. In 2007, Paul S. Otellini raked in $11,542,000 in total compensation according to the SEC. According to the AFL-CIO's calculation method*, this CEO raked in $12,320,100 in total 2007 compensation.

United Airlines parent UAL 1,000 people. (This on top of the 1,500 people in 2008.) The proxy statement for UAL Corporation uses the new SEC executive compensation rules. In 2007, Glenn F. Tilton raked in $10,314,769 in total compensation according to the SEC. According to the AFL-CIO's calculation method*, this CEO raked in $1,428,393 in total 2007 compensation.
Update - 29 January 2009
Since these two had not made their declarations as of this post, I will include them for you now.
Bradbury H. Anderson - Chief Executive Officer - Best Buy Co. Inc.
The proxy statement for Best Buy Co. Inc. uses the new SEC executive compensation rules. In 2008, Bradbury H. Anderson raked in $3,596,873 in total compensation according to the SEC. According to the AFL-CIO's calculation method*, this CEO raked in $3,183,238 in total 2008 compensation.

Robert J. Ulrich - Chief Executive Officer - Target Corporation
The proxy statement for Target Corporation uses the new SEC executive compensation rules. In 2007, Robert J. Ulrich raked in $12,185,404 in total compensation according to the SEC. According to the AFL-CIO's calculation method*, this CEO raked in $20,106,361 in total 2007 compensation.

General Economy Information
  • The economy lost 2.6 million jobs last year, the most since 1945.

  • Unemployment rate jumped to 7.2 percent in December, the highest in 16 years, and is expected to keep climbing.

  • The National Association for Business Economics depicts the worst business conditions in the U.S. since the report's inception in 1982.

Do you feel better now? Good, me too.

Image: http://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m286/zero_welles/Other/8907bread_line.jpg
http://www.forbes.com/lists/2008/12/lead_bestbosses08_James-W-Owens_1SHH.html Compensation Jim Owens - Caterpillar
http://www.bizjournals.com/atlanta/stories/2008/04/07/daily85.html?ana=from_rss Compensation Frank Blake Home Depot
http://www.fiercepharma.com/special-reports/pfizers-jeffrey-kindler-ceo-pay Jeffrey Kindler Compensation
http://www.aflcio.org/corporatewatch/paywatch/ AFL / CIO Corporate Pay Watch
http://www.aflcio.org/corporatewatch/paywatch/ceou/database.cfm Pay Database

26 January 2009

Basic Economics? Lacking.

Do we as citizens and our elected officials really understand anything about economics? For many, Econ may have been a first period course in college and we know what that implies.

The Wall Street Journal did some snooping around last fall into our elected officials and came up with these statistics:

  • 8 in 10 members of Congress don’t have a formal educational background in the business, economics, or finance fields.

  • Research by the Center for Economic and Entrepreneurial Literacy, which aims to educate the general public about finance issues, showed that about 14% have degrees in economics-related fields and just 6.7% specifically have an economics degree. More than 30% of members have degrees in politics and government, while 18% majored in humanities.

How do we as citizens look in the knowledge of economics? Not as good as one would hope. Based on select survey results from Econ4U, most of us could use some assistance.

  • 54% of respondents could not identify what a subprime mortgage was

  • 56% of respondents could not identify FICO score as the most important factor in getting a loan.

  • 65% of respondents could not identify what would remain if you subtracted 25% from 8.

  • One in three respondents could not identify what 1% of 50,000 was.

  • 75% did not know that when in need of short-term emergency cash, bouncing a check costs more than wire transfers, credit card advances, and short-term payday loans.

  • Half of respondents have overdrafted their checking account at one time, while a third of respondents have paid a bill late in the past year.

  • 35% of respondents admitted to not having a family or personal budget that would allow them to conceivably eliminate their credit card debt by the end of 2009.

If you are interested in taking a twenty question economics money quiz or a more specific money quiz these are interesting.


25 January 2009

I Dare You to Make Sense of the Greed

As John A. Thain was leaving Bank of America, he did not pass go just long enough to direct a $1.2 million office redo.

I know how challenging it can be to go to a new job and have the office be just a little off and need to put your own "stamp" on the place so you can do a better job. Thain took it to a different level by buying an $87,000 area rug, a $68,000 credenza and a $1,400 “parchment waste can,” which probably can't really hold too much waste.

About $800,00 was spent on Michael S. Smith for the redesign. (Smith was recently chosen by the Obama family to decorate the private rooms in the White House. Are those our tax dollars hard at work?)

Thain redecorated while Merrill Lynch hoped that the former Goldman Sachs executive who once headed the New York Stock Exchange — could lead a turnaround at Merrill Lynch. Instead, Merrill was eventually sold to Bank of America.

Glad to know that Thain took his position seriously and didn't squander any money on overabundance and greed.

So you too will know Thain had your best interest at heart, here is CNBC’s list of the items brought in for Mr. Thain’s office suite:

* Area rug, $87,784
* Mahogany pedestal table, $25,713
* 19th century credenza, $68,179
* Pendant light furniture, $19,751
* 4 pairs of curtains, $28,091
* Pair of guest chairs, $87,784
* George IV chair, $18,468
* 6 wall sconces, $2,741
* Parchment waste can, $1,405
* Roman shade fabric, $10,967
* Roman shades, $7,315
* Coffee table, $5,852
* Commode on legs, $35,115

24 January 2009

Minnesota Alert: Breeders Bills Up for Consideration on Jan. 27

Friday, January 23, 2009]

Two Minnesota Senate proposals, SF 7 and SF 201, each featuring different breeder regulation proposals, will be heard on Tuesday, January 27, by the Senate Agriculture and Veterans Affairs Committee. It is vitally important that all responsible dog breeders and owners in Minnesota attend Tuesday’s committee hearing to express their positions on these bills or contact the committee members prior to the committee hearing to express their concerns with these bills.

The American Kennel Club’s mission includes working to protect the rights of all dog owners and promoting responsible dog ownership. The AKC strongly supports the humane treatment of dogs, including provision of an adequate and nutritious diet, clean living conditions, regular veterinary care, kind and responsive human companionship and training in appropriate behavior.


Sponsored by Senator Don Betzold, SF 7 (click here for the bill’s text) seeks to establish strict regulatory requirements for breeders, to require inspections of breeders’ facilities, and to impose undisclosed fee increases upon breeders. The proposed changes in this bill include:

Changing the definition of "breeder" to those who own 6 or more intact adult females, defined as any dog over 24 weeks old, for breeding purposes and who are engaged in the business of direct or indirect sale or exchange.

Limiting, by July 2010, the number of dogs a breeder may keep at a facility for the purpose of breeding to 50.

Requiring all breeders to obtain an annual license for each facility they own and operate. Additionally, the statement must include the number of adult dogs and the estimated number of puppies to be kept, housed, and maintained at the facility for the year. Licenses must be prominently displayed in each facility.

Mandating all breeders to pay an undisclosed fee to register their facility.

Calling for the annual inspection of each facility, with no advance notice required.

Imposing strict requirements for breeders beyond current federal and local laws and regulations.

If passed and signed into law, the changes proposed in this legislation would have a significant, negative impact on dog breeders in Minnesota. The changes proposed in Senate Bill 7 are impractical, costly, and unenforceable: Most importantly, will not improve the quality of life for dogs in Minnesota. It is imperative that breeders and concerned dog owners contact their senator and committee members to express their opposition to Senate Bill 7.


Sponsored by Senator Steve Dille, this bill (click here for the bill’s text) seeks to provide for the registration of, and standards of care applicable to, dog and cat breeders in Minnesota. Substantially different from SF 7, SF 201 seeks to:

Permit animal control authorities to charge dog breeders unidentified "reasonable" fees for registration.

Define "breeder" as someone other than a hobby breeder, who is engaged in the business of breeding animals for sale and who possesses 20 or more intact adult females for the purposes of breeding.

Defines "hobby breeder" as someone who is engaged in the business of breeding animals for direct sale and who possesses less than 10 intact adult females for the purpose of breeding. It is unclear how those owning between 11-19 intact adult females would be regulated.

Require breeders to register, by March 1, 2010, with the local animal control authority.
Registration is required every four years thereafter.

Allow breeders the option of complying with USDA care standards or complying with standards issued by the Commissioner of Agriculture.

Limit investigations to only those instances when a formal complaint alleging violations of standards of care is received by the Minnesota Board of Animal Health, a local animal control authority, a peace officer, or a feedlot inspector.

Allow breeders 30 days after notification to correct any violations found during an investigation.
Permit seizure of affected animals only in cases where a breeder has not corrected a violation after 30 days and only if such violations threaten the health and welfare of an animal.

AKC is concerned with several provisions contained in SF 201, including, but not limited to: the threshold discrepancy between the definitions to "breeder" and "hobby breeder"; the undetermined fee to be charged for dog breeders to register with local animal control authorities; and the potential that, if breeders opt to adhere to regulatory standards of care issued by the Commissioner, such standards may be unreasonable and onerous without public input. The American Kennel Club Government Relations Department encourages all concerned responsible dog breeders and owners in Minnesota to contact the committee members listed below and express your concerns about the provisions of SF 201.


Attend the Agriculture and Veterans Committee hearing on Tuesday, January 27, 2009, at 3:00 p.m. and express your positions on these bills. The hearing will be held at:

Minnesota State Capitol Building
Room 107
75 Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.
St. Paul, Minnesota 55155

Contact your State Senator to express your opposition. To find your Senator, click here.
Contact the members of the Minnesota Senate Agriculture and Veterans Committee to express your opposition.

Chairman: Jim Vickerman
(651) 296-5650
Click here to contact Chairman Vickerman

Vice-Chair: Sharon Erickson Ropes
(651) 296-5649

Ranking Minority Member: Steve Dille
(651) 296-4131

Satveer Chaudhary
(651) 296-4334

Lisa Fobbe
(651) 296-8075

Joe Gimse
(651) 296-3826

David Hann
(651) 296-1749
Click here to contact Senator Hann

Bill Ingebrigtsen
(651) 297-8063

Paul Koering
(651) 296-4875

Gary Kubly
(651) 296-5094

Keith Langseth
(651) 296-3205
Click here to contact Senator Langseth

Tony Lourey
(651) 296-0293

Steve Murphy
(651) 296-0293
Click here to contact Senator Murphy

Rod Skoe
(651) 296-4196

Dan Skogen
(651) 296-5655

For more information, contact AKC’s Government Relations Department at (919) 816-3720, or e-mail doglaw@akc.org.


The above rendition is how Russian airport-tycoon Valery Kogan plans to build his Greenwich, Connecticut home on a seven-acre parcel he purchased in 2005, after tearing down the 20,000 square-foot mansion located there.

The revised plans call for an indoor pool in the basement and a 1,200+ square foot gymnasium. The basement also would feature a 12-seat theater, billiards room, game room, massage room and wine cellar. I am sad to see the the special dog grooming room and the Turkish and Finnish baths seem to have vanished on the newest revision.

Ooooh, sparkly. How do you clean a Swarovski-encrusted toilet? Jemal Wright’s Swarovski-encrusted toilet from the Isis Collection ($75,000.)

Valery Kogan has some connections to Vladamir Putin, I wonder if Sarah Palin can see him?

http://blog.wired.com/photos/uncategorized/2007/11/30/shittoir.jpg Toilet
http://dealbreaker.com/2009/01/steve-cohen-dominating-toilet.php Steve Cohen Toilet

23 January 2009

Rush Limbaugh Says Bend Over

"We're witnessing racism all this week that led up to the inauguration. We're being told that we have to hope he succeeds. That we have to bend over, grab the ankles, bend forward, backward, whichever. Because his father was black, because this is the first black president." ~Rush Limbaugh

For just one moment, let's look at this: "We're being told that we have to hope he succeeds."

Now I'm just tossing this out there, but shouldn't everyone hope President Obama succeeds because it would be good for the country? What would be the alternative, failure? Okay, I'm pretty sure that the United States of American could take some additional failures so that makes perfect sense in some alternate reality.

Perhaps Mr. Limbaugh would like some of the people severely affected by the current "success" of the country to come and live with him? If we just had a little more red lipstick, that would make us all feel better.

Image: http://chenzhen.files.wordpress.com/2008/06/rushcigar.jpg

22 January 2009

An Open Letter to New York Governor David Paterson

Dear Governor David Paterson:

I noticed that Caroline Kennedy has opted out of requesting the Senate seat vacated by Hillary Rodham Clinton. I would like to officially toss my proverbial hat into the ring for this Senate seat.

Although I currently live in Minnesota, I am a former resident of New York and would be thrilled at the opportunity to return and serve the great State of New York as a Junior Senator.

It may interest you and the constituents that I am loosely related to the Kennedy political family through my Grandfather and his cousin Rose Fitzgerald.

If you should would like to discuss how I can assist you and the State of New York as a Renaissance woman with Irish ancestry, I will be happy to speak with you at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for taking time to consider me for this opening and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Why Trampolines Are So Dangerous

I got this photo from one of my Master Naturalist classmates and felt compelled to share. Consider this a moment brought to you by Green Kathleen the convenient naturalist.

21 January 2009

Obama Retakes Oath of Office

Photo by Pete Souza/The White House via Getty Images

After Chief Justice John Roberts flubbed on the Oath of Office, President Barack Obama took the oath again on Wednesday evening in the Map Room at the White House. This is a rare event and happened after the Chief Justice got the words wrong and prompted Obama to do the same.

Roberts put on his black robe. "Are you ready to take the oath?" he said. "Yes, I am," Obama said. "And we're going to do it very slowly." Roberts then led Obama through the oath without any missteps.

The Constitution is clear about the exact wording of the oath and as a result, some constitutional experts have said that a do-over probably wasn't necessary but also couldn't hurt. Two other previous presidents have repeated the oath because of similar issues, Calvin Coolidge and Chester A. Arthur.

17 January 2009

Does Bush Administration Hate Wolves?

Here's to you Bush 2 adding more to your legacy by yet again delisting the gray wolf from the endangered species list. This is the fourth time Bush 2 has tried to have the wolf delisted.

Perhaps God has been speaking to Bush 2 and Cheney too somewhat like Sarah Palin and the Polar Bears? Will the delisting stick this time and wolves will be available for hunting in Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Montana and Idaho? Apparently Wyoming didn't have a suitable wolf management plan so they are not included in the federal delisting. Will Bush 2 and Cheney be out hunting wolves? Maybe they will have Sarah Palin come in and show how aerial hunting could be beneficial in these areas?

http://www.defendersactionfund.org/imgs/2007wolfhunt.jpg Wolf Hunt Photo

13 January 2009

Obama Goes To The Dogs

What are the best dog breeds for President-elect Barack Obama's family to take to the White House?

David Frei suggests a standard poodle, a Portuguese water dog or an Irish water spaniel as potentially suitable dog choices. What do you think of those choices?

Obama noted that the dog must be "hypoallergenic" because of daughter Malia's allergies. While there are no truly hypoallergenic dogs, the breeds mentioned by Frei would be reasonable choices given the coat types these breeds have. All three breeds mentioned are intelligent and could acclimate to the active lifestyle of young children.

On the Today show this morning, I cringed when hearing about the "Labradoodle" breed. It is really critical for the Obama family and any other family looking for a dog to understand that "doodles" are not a breed, but rather a mixture of breeds. I have included much additional information at the bottom of this post about the various "doodles" available and what should be considered prior to acquiring one.

If the Obama family is truly down to the Portuguese water dog (breed) and the Labrador-Poodle mix (Labradoodle) I would strongly encourage them to look at the non-mixed breed dog. If you would like some assistance in selecting the right dog, I would be happy to assist your family.

In addition, I would like to offer my training services to help any dog and the family to get off on the right foot. Regardless if I am selected, please find someone to help you with training that will teach your family, the dog, your staff, the reporters and everyone else that might encounter the dog the right way to work with animals.

Links and Statements:
http://www.sandiegopoodleclub.org/doodles.cfm Doodle Information and Statements
http://www.canismajor.com/dog/poodogs.html Much Ado About Poo
http://www.poodleclubofamerica.com/breederref.htm Poodle Club of America "Doodle" Information
http://www.akc.org/ American Kennel Club
http://www.ukcdogs.com/ United Kennel Club
http://clubs.akc.org/iwsc/ Irish Water Spaniel Club
http://www.argostar.com/logopenink.htm Great Dog Art and Dog Logo and Illustrated Standard Art Work
http://www.akc.org/images/breeds/portuguese_water_dog/photos/lg_portuguese_water_dog1.jpg Image

On the Topic of Labradoodles
By Anne Rogers Clark
Reprinted from The AKC Gazette

I have been involved with Poodles, all three varieties, throughout most of my life as my mother was one of several fanciers that owned and bred the breed when it first became popular.
In the ensuing years (more than sixty) I have enjoyed the breed as a challenge to breed and raise correctly, enjoyed the preparation and presentation of the breed as a breeder as well as a profession handler and have enjoyed the Standard Poodle as a hunting and retrieving wonder dog.

In all of these years I have seen many other breeds take the liberty of breeding to my breed- the Poodle. This has resulted in Peke-a-poos, Cocker-poos, Schnoodles (the Schnauzer cross), etc. These crosses made to incorporate the Poodle intelligence, spark and training ability into the other breeds.

None of these crosses have prospered except in the puppy mills and pet shops. No thought of creating a new exciting breed, until now. The emergence of the Labradoodle has swept through several countries, with possible thought of producing a new and registerable breed!

Billed as non-shedding, intelligent breed for all reasons, plus the hybrid vigor would supposedly stamp out the heritable diseases of both breeds.

Jump started in Australia as the perfect breed for the blind, a program was instituted and the results followed for a proper length of time, and has now been discontinued. The reasons: not all of the non-shedding promises held true. The animals produced were a little too full of themselves to be trust worthy guide dogs, plus the heritable disease of both breeds were very similar and were inherited into each new generation.

However the crossbreds continue to be bred in both Australia and the United States as they are very saleable and for huge prices. One and two thousand dollars per puppy is a very good price, particularly for a non-registerable mutt or mixed breed.

Where will this trend lead our breed? We must, in order to protect our breed from further exploitation sell pet puppies on a spay-neuter contract to stop them falling into the wrong hands. Do not ever allow your stud dog to be bred to a bitch of another breed. If you are a member of a breed club, this could put you in line for charges being brought against you. Why? This is not responsible behavior if you are protecting the Poodle. It has now come to my attention that Golden Retrievers have joined the ranks with Labradors! Golden-doodles! Beware-



REPRINTED FROM http://www.thelabradorclub.com/

The Labrador Retriever Club, Incorporated is dedicated to the health and welfare of the Labrador Retriever breed while conserving the original breed function - that of a "working retriever." A purebred dog offers to his owner the likelihood that he will be a specific size, shape, color and temperament. The predictability of a breed comes from selection for traits that are desirable and away from traits that are undesirable. When a breed standard or type is set, the animals within that breed have less heterozygosity than do animals in a random population.

A Labradoodle is nothing more than an expensive mongrel. Because the genetic makeup is diverse from the Poodle genes and the Labrador genes, the resultant first generation (F1) offspring is a complete genetic gamble. The dog may be any size, color, coat texture and temperament. Indeed Labradoodles do shed. Their coat may be wiry or silky and may mat. Body shape varies with parentage but tends to be lanky and narrow. Behavior varies with the dog and within a litter with some puppies poodle-like in attitude and others somewhat like the Labrador Retriever.

The Labrador Retriever Club, Inc. is opposed to cross-breeding of dogs and is particularly opposed to the deliberate crossing of Labrador Retrievers with any other breed. These crossbreds are a deliberate attempt to mislead the public with the idea that there is an advantage to these designer dogs. The crossbred dogs are prone to all of the genetic disease of both breeds and offer none of the advantages that owning a purebred dog has to offer.

Frances O. Smith DVM, Ph.D.
LRC, Inc. Board of Directors
Diplomate American College of Theriogenology
June 20, 2005


As originally published in The Poodle Review, July/August Issue 2004
As I see it
by Joanne Reichertz DVM
Oodles of Poodle Crosses for Sale.
Can we prevent our Pet Puppies from
Being used to produce these Crossbreeds?

In virtually every newspaper classified section you can read, there are advertisements for Goldendoodles, Labradoodles, Cockapoos, Pekeapoos, Shihpoos, etc. In all the years I have bred poodles there have always been crossbreeds around. Most of these were accidents and the puppies were given away or sold for little more than the price of their care. Some Cockapoos were deliberately bred for Pet Shops, but the market was inconsistent, so they were not readily available. Labradors and Standard Poodles were also crossbred in Australia to produce a specific type of working dog. However in the previous few years the fad has been to produce crossbred poodles with many different breed and market them for considerable money as designer breeds that are healthier and otherwise better than a purebred. In most cases these puppies are produced for monetary gains not to develop a new breed!

The Goldendoodle is one of these crossbreds. Goldendoodles were deliberately bred in North America as a larger version of the Cockapoo, beginning around ten to fifteen years ago. Most do not shed hair heavily, and some are hypoallergenic like the Standard Poodle. This crossbred gets its name from the mix of the two breeds - Golden Retriever and Poodle. Goldendoodles are considered a hybrid dog, a first generation cross between two breeds, and as such they are supposed to exhibit a quality called "hybrid vigour" by these breeders. This hybrid vigour is more correctly called heterosis. Crossbreeding in commercial beef cattle production improves feed efficiency through heterosis. Hybrid vigor or heterosis is the added performance boost in crossbred calves over the performance average of their purebred parents. This heterosis can be used to advantage where the end product is meant to grow faster and eat less feed while doing so thus maximizing the farmer’s profit. It is not necessarily useful in breeding dogs. In theory the puppies will take on the best traits of both breeds. In reality, this is often false.

True hybrids are the product of breeding two different species. Breeding a donkey and a horse produces a mule, breeding a lion and a tiger produces a liger or a tigon, while breeding a wolf and a domestic dog produces a wolf hybrid. Each of these hybrid breedings is a cross of two different species. The offspring are hybrids. Domestic dogs are the same species. When you cross breed domestic dogs you are not technically creating a hybrid. Wolf/dog hybrids often have behavioral problems as the domestic dog differs greatly in behavior from a wolf. A wolf/dog hybrid can be a behavioural disaster when they mature. (See Canine Hybrid Issues Surrounding the Wolf Dog , M. Sloan, J. Moore Porter, 2001)

A breed of dog is not a separate species, it is just a family of dogs bred to exhibit certain specific traits like the coat of a poodle. When you breed a litter of purebred dogs you get predictable puppies. With crossbred puppies you do not. It takes many generations to fix traits when developing a new breed. For example after a hundred years of breeding the Toy Poodle we still get the problems of oversized individuals, long backs/short legs and soft coats (particularly in white) all leftovers from the breeds originally used to produce the Toy Poodle.

Crossbred dogs such as the Goldendoodle or Cockapoo are NOT hybrids nor are they a breed. Cockapoos may look like a Poodle, a Cocker or somewhere in between. A Cockapoo bred to a Cockapoo is not a breed. It takes decades or more to get a new breed to breed true without throwbacks occurring. People backcrossing Goldendoodles to Standard Poodles or crossing them on each other cannot predict the looks, coat and personalities of the resulting offspring. It will take many more generations before this will be possible. In addition when they breed them to each other they lose they slight health advantage which may have been gained through heterosis. These are still dogs and now we will have dogs with the health problems of both breeds. Hip dysplasia, being present in both breeds can show up in first generation Goldendoodles, so parents should be screened.

How do you prevent a puppy you sell from being used to produce crossbreds? Unless you spay and neuter them first, it is impossible to be 100% sure. In addition, we have all sold as pets dogs who later became show and breeding dogs, as many puppies grow up better than they appear to be at eight weeks of age. A good pet contract which states that there is a penalty for using the dogs to produce crossbreds is the best that we can do. The non-breeding contracts provided by the AKC or CKC are not applicable in these situations as registration papers are not important when crossbred puppies are produced. Withholding papers from new owners until a certificate of spay or neuter is provided also does not work. The best method seems to be careful interviewing of new puppy owners and the use of a strong contract prohibiting breeding of the pet puppy. However you must be prepared to follow the contract up with legal action if it is contravened.

In conclusion, while I know it is possible to develop a new breed such as the Goldendoodle, with careful selective breeding practices and health testing, many people are breeding these dogs simply for monetary reasons. They often have no regard for the health and wellbeing of the puppy produced and as a result these breeds are becoming a common commodity in animal shelters as well as in newspaper classified advertisements.


Reprinted from http://www.grca.org/ Website of the Golden Retriever Club of America The AKC Parent Club of the Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever Club of America is dedicated to the health and welfare of the Golden Retriever breed while conserving the original breed function - that of a "working retriever." A purebred dog offers to his owner the likelihood that he will be a specific size, shape, color and temperament.

The predictability of a breed comes from selection for traits that are desirable and away from traits that are undesirable. When a breed standard or type is set, the animals within that breed have less heterozygosity than do animals in a random population The Goldendoodle is nothing more than an expensive mongrel. Because the genetic makeup is diverse from the Poodle genes and the Golden Retriever genes, the resultant first generation (F1) offspring is a complete genetic gamble. The dog may be any size, color, coat texture and temperament. Indeed Goldendoodles do shed. Their coat may be wiry or silky and may mat. Body shape varies with parentage but tends to be lanky and narrow. Behavior varies with the dog and within a litter with some puppies poodle-like in attitude and others somewhat like the Golden Retriever.

The Golden Retriever Club of America is opposed to cross-breeding of dogs and is particularly opposed to the deliberate crossing of Golden Retrievers with any other breed. These crossbreds are a deliberate attempt to mislead the public with the idea that there is an advantage to these designer dogs. The crossbred dogs are prone to all of the genetic disease of both breeds and offer none of the advantages that owning a purebred dog has to offer.

Permission to amend the Labrador Retriver Club statement to Golden Retrievers given by:
Frances S. Smith DVM, Ph.D.
LRC, Inc. Board of Directors
Diplomate American College of Theriogenology Original Author of Labradoodle statement
Marianne Foote
Director, Labrador Retriever Club



Is there any one who has not seen the newspaper advertisements or television programs about the newest designer mixed breeds?

People constantly ask my opinion about the latest in a long line of Poodle mixes.

This is what I tell them: There is nothing that any breed can add to a poodle to improve it.
If people did not think that Poodles were wonderful they would not be trying to improve their own breeds by making cockapoos, peek-a-poos, malti-poos, Shih Tzu-poos, Schnauzer-poos, Pom-a-poos, and the latest—Labradoodles and Goldendoodles.

Any breed mixed with a Poodle, only compromises the things we love about our breed. In most cases the puppies resulting from these cross breedings are no longer hypo-allergenic, dander-less and non shedding.

You don’t know what to expect with regard to the temperament, genetic health concerns, longevity, coat care or size. And to top it all off, you have probably paid top dollar for your new mongrel.

You cannot enter an AKC show either in conformation, obedience, Agility or any other form of AKC competition. Your puppy cannot be registered as a breed and should not be used for breeding.

Labradoodles are already showing up in your local shelters and will no doubt be followed shortly by the Goldendoodles. Cockapoos and other poos have been there for years.

I have already declined the "opportunity" to use my stud on a Labrador or Golden Retriever bitch and have also refused to sell a bitch to be used for breeding to a Lab or Golden stud. All the more reason to sell your pet puppies spayed or neutered.

Madeline Patterson
Past-President, Poodle Club of Southern California


"Much Ado About Poo"
Article on the www.canismajor.com website

12 January 2009

Holy Cow

Drug Seeking Behavior

"Just calling to see how you are doing. You know, I just want to check in on you and make certain you are okay. Maybe I should come over and check on you." Of course you don't mean one word of it, but he doesn't understand that. The junkie behavior is obscene and is taking advantage of a vulnerable adult. Stick to your usual drug seeking routine and leave the Rx to the real patient.

Additional Information:

Driving Culture - Women's Day

This video is in Arabic, and shows Wajeha Al-Huwaider bucking the ban on women driving. I saw the photos in National Geographic magazine and thought it might be an eye opener for anyone reading the blog.

It is important to note that neither Saudi legislation nor Muslim tradition actually forbids women from driving, yet female drivers are routinely arrested in urban areas for being behind the wheel.

There were protests against the ban in 1991, and the government acted quickly by revoking passports. Very few people have chosen to speak up since then.

Women's groups have approached King Abdullah to consider revising the policy.

A few points to consider about Saudi Arabia. Most Saudi chauffeurs are immigrants that drive women and children; there is great wealth and conspicuous consumption, many SUV and luxury automobiles, gas is about $0.46 per gallon.

https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/sa.html CIA Saudi Arabia
http://www.saudiembassy.net/ Saudi Embassy

10 January 2009

Roland Burris

I find politics so entertaining -- perhaps it is in the blood. My grandfather was a "watcher" in Chicago in the late 1800's and the family always joked how he watched to be certain the right votes were cast. Makes you wonder who is watching now.

I wonder if Burris gets two votes (Vote Early and Vote Often) given his additional "residence" at the Oak Woods Cemetery?

If you don't have an opportunity to visit the cemetery, here are some crypt worthy and other accomplishments:

Civic Activities:
Member, Board of the Better Business Bureau (2008)
Member, Board of the Auditorium Theater of Chicago (2001-2006)
Member, Board of The National Center for Responsible Gaming (1996-2005)
Trustee, Financial Accounting Foundation (1991-1994)
Chairman, National Association of Attorneys General, Civil Rights Commission (1993-1995)
Trustee, Government Finance Officers Association of U.S. and Canada (1987-1991)
Member, Howard University Law School Alumni Association
Member, Southern Illinois University Foundation
Member, Mental Health Association of Greater Chicago
Member, U.S. Jaycees
Vice-Chairman, Committee on Illinois Government
Trustee, Goodwill Industries
Member, Chicago Area Council, Boy Scouts of America
Member, Board of Directors, Auditorium Theater of Roosevelt University (1996)
Chairman, Illinois State Justice Commission (1994-1996)
Chairman and Founder, Illinois Commission of the African-American Males (1992-1994)
Vice-Chairman, Democratic National Committee (1985-1989)
Life member, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
Life member, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity
Life member, Southern Illinois Alumni Association
Member of Western Consistory # 28 Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Free Masons, Prince Hall Northern Jurisdiction (32nd Degree)
Chairman, Civil Rights Committee, National Association of Attorneys General (1993-1994)
President, National Association of State Auditors, Comptrollers and Treasurers (1981-1982)
Member, Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity, Beta Boule
White House summer intern for Office of Emergency Planning (1962)

Recognition and Awards:
100 Most Influential Black Americans, Ebony Magazine (1979-1995)
Ten Most Distinguished Alumni in the History of the University - Wall of Fame, Southern Illinois University Carbondale (1997)
Distinguished Accomplishments in the Field of Law, National Bar Association (1993)
One of the Top Three Government Financial Officers in the Nation, City and State Magazine (1989)
Hall of Fame, Centralia, Illinois
Honorary Doctors of Laws Degree, National Louis University, Evanston, Illinois
Honorary Doctors of Laws Degree, Tougaloo College, Tougaloo, Mississippi

"Vote Early and Vote Often"
I heard that cynical phrase often in my younger days. "Vote early -- and often" and "Vote early -- and vote often" are variously attributed to three different Chicagoans: Al Capone, the famous gangster; Richard J. Daley, mayor from 1955 to 1976; and William Hale Thompson, mayor from 1915-1923 and 1931-1935. All three were notorious for their corruption and their manipulation of the democratic process. It is most likely that Thompson invented the phrase, and Capone and Daley later repeated it.

http://www.weeklystandard.com/weblogs/TWSFP/burrisgrave.jpg Image
http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2156384/posts Close up of crypt
http://www.chipublib.org/ Chicago Public Library
http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/chi-burris-profile-31-dec31,0,348552.story Chicago Tribune Burris Article
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roland_Burris Wikipedia Article

09 January 2009

Sarah Palin Thinks Kennedy Gets A Free Pass

This is about 10-minutes, but if you haven't heard enough of that nasal tone, this whine-a-rama might work for you.

Is this Sarah showing some poor sportsmanship? I think so. Here's the moment where I thought, yes, she is a bad sport.

In the interview, Palin was asked how she would Palin have been treated if she'd ended up as Barack Obama's running mate? Palin says, "I think they would have loved me as a candidate ... we would have seen an absolutely different and a ... much prettier profile of Sarah Palin and the Palin family and my administration."

I highly doubt that. I think we would be seeing what John McCain might look like as "44" but thanks for thinking that we would have liked you then.

Here's a few minutes to review Sarah Palin's Greatest Hits.


Can I Buy That on eBay?

I really tried not to acknowledge this event, but here I am unable to stop myself from typing, "Are you kidding me?" (Yes, I am trying to keep this blog from filling up with foul language.)

To pursue the career as a world news correspondent, does one need to purchase a penis and dumbing down and if so, can those items be procured on eBay? Good job by his new employer of getting lots of coverage on adding him to their "team" of reporters.

Jon Stewart mentions Joe the plumber at 3:33 in the clip below. Please take a moment to listen to his interview. I am even somewhat confident that I could speak with slightly better ability to "pronounciate" words, names and items of interest.

CEO-Aid Do They Know It's Bonus Time?

After you watch the video, there is a listing of CEO salaries for the bailout companies which will surely offend you.

Found at this site: http://www.losinggame.com/?p=166

08 January 2009

Levi Johnston - Quits His Day Job

Levi Johnston, the alleged impregnator of Alaska governor Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol Palin, has quit his day job.

Johnston started his "apprenticeship" at the Milne Point oil field with ASRC Energy Services Inc., a major Slope contractor. Apparently, there was some confusion over what a high school diploma means.

Anchorage radio talk show host Dan Fagan questioned how Johnston could take part in ASRC's apprenticeship program without a high school diploma. Fagan shared that he understood federal regulations require all members of apprenticeship programs to have a diploma. As it turns out, it is a State of Alaska requirement and ASRC requires that too.

Apparently not to be one to leave a hornet's nest unpoked, Fagan questioned whether the governor might have had a hand in getting Johnston into the program.

Levi Johnston's father, Keith Johnston, the parent that has not been recently arrested for dealing in "Hillbilly Heroin" products, claims that Sarah Palin had no influence on the apprenticeship for his son.

It seems that Keith Johnston (ARSC slope worker) takes responsibility for getting Levi the job. Sarah Palin (Alaska Governor) and her "First Dude" husband, Todd Palin (BP slope worker) deny having a hand in getting Levi his job. Sarah Palin did pen a letter of recommendation for the youngster and that probably didn't hinder his chances any.

Levi Johnston started work as a roustabout, and then when lay offs were on the horizon, was offered options on two other positions. Wonder if all the other high school dropouts received those offers too? Nepotism?

I love this quote:
"You guys are watching him so tightly," [Keith] Johnston said, referring to the media. "He's being treated different than an average 18-year-old kid. He has to do everything by the book now."

I wonder if Keith realizes that his statement makes it seem like Levi Johnston didn't do things by the book before? My offer still stands on coaching and training -- I even can tutor this child and help him get through school. In addition, I can help negotiate some good seed money -- yes, pun intended -- for baby photos, interviews after polishing the skills, perhaps even some type of a hockey contract. Who knows, the world is your proverbial oyster, of course not as much as it was before 4 November 2008, but still viable with the right coaching.

Should Bo Underwood be held accountable for skipping past the high school diploma hoop? He is in charge of the ASRC's electrical apprentice program, so I would think the answer is yes. I wonder how many youngsters are looking for jobs in the apprentice program? Underwood says he doesn't know if there is a waiting list or not.

I have a few questions, shocking, I know.
  1. People I know in Alaska (and other oil related locations and positions) have shared that an apprentice position on the North Slope in a competitive and sought after position. How is it Johnston squeezed through the vetting process for minimum requirements?
  2. How many other people who need to support their families were also vying for this position? Were they qualified? Could they have held up to scrutiny about the hiring requirements?
  3. Is Levi Johnston's position Union or non-union? Would he fall under the Electrical Workers Union as an apprentice?
  4. Would Levi Johnston have gotten this job if he were a different individual or is this some type of favoritism?
  5. What is the definition of high school dropout now?

http://www.adn.com/news/alaska/story/643519.html Anchorage News Levi Johnston Quits
http://www.adn.com/opinion/comment/story/641263.html Apprenticeship and Palin Questions
http://www.thelegaluniverse.com/palinlevicompendium.jpg Images
http://www.asrcenergy.com/ ASRC Web Site
http://jobs.asrc.com/ Jobs at ASRC
http://alaskapride.blogspot.com/2009/01/levi-johnston-quits-asrc-apprentice-job.html Alaska Pride on Levi Johnston

07 January 2009

What Does the United States Need?

I just got off the phone with another friend that may be losing their job. It is really becoming simpler to keep track of the people that will keep their jobs -- there are less of them.

Here are some things to consider. If you agree, disagree, have additional points to add, please add a comment.

The Economy Needs Work

If you disagree with this, you may have been in a McCain campaign. For the vast majority of us, this is a critical concern.

Tax Relief -- That would be helpful for most middle and low-income families. In addition, could we review some of the taxation of the super-rich? This might hinder the Socialism for the super-rich and Capitalism for the rest of us plan that is currently in play, but it really hasn't worked out all that well anyway.

Newer Deal -- Perhaps there is a place for the vast unemployed folks to work by rebuilding and repairing bridges, railroads, schools. How about making some inroads into alternatives to petro-chemicals? Yes, I recognize that not all unemployed people are bride builders, but there are other positions associated with these potential jobs. How about the people that really just want to work at a fair wage?

Unemployment Extension -- I know lots of households where that would be a tremendous help. What happens to the people that can't find work and have no money coming in? They eventually lose their homes. Most unemployed people don't want a free ride or to be on the dole long term, but in case you haven't noticed, finding a job is not a simple task.

Living Wages -- Yes, I realize that this seems like a strange request to many people, but in my own community I challenged the candidates at a meet the candidates gathering to explain what that meant. There was lots of live, work and play in Ramsey sentiments, but none could actually put a dollar amount on what that would take. I can tell you most jobs in Ramsey would preclude you from living here.

Protect People not Corporations -- Everyday we see the ramifications of Corporations Gone Wild with families losing their homes. Yes, some of them certainly took loans that weren't right for them, but many did not and are still in dire straits. One big medical expense or loss of a job and households may start to slide down a slippery slope that they will never be able to get control of. When do we help these people?

The Constitution Should Mean Something -- Yes, the Bush 2 years certainly showed us an interesting take on the Constitution and their interpretation of same. I would like to think that my telephone calls are private or at least require a warrant to be overheard. (Of course cell phones in public are not covered by that parameter.) Let's try for the actual three branches of government -- executive, legislative, and judicial -- and not allow the President to ride rough shod all over the Constitution. Here's a plan, check and balances.

Health Care -- Should be available for everyone.

Prescription Drugs -- We also may need a moment to evaluate drug companies and their influence on prescription pricing. No one should need to decide between buying prescriptions drugs or spending their money on another necessity.

Rebuild Foreign Relationships -- You may want to refer back to what the Constitution means. Let's not allow "The Decider" mentality to reappear -- did Bush 1 really suggest Jeb Bush as a Bush 3? Should one "Decider" be allowed to ramrod our country into a foreign country? Please take a moment to visit the Faces of the Fallen and make your own determination.


06 January 2009

Hey Norm, We're Tired of the Election

Norman Bertram "Norm" Coleman Jr. (Photo is before and after plastic surgery.)

Norm, people are tired of your recounting and your dragging on of the election. Now you are getting litigious about the recount. Nice.

I do recall hearing you say in November that your opponent should step aside. Odd that you don't see it that way now.

  • Norm Coleman is a former Democrat, now playing a Republican since 1996.

  • He has some excellent connections, here are a few: Nasser Kazeminy (see Federal investigation information below), Jeff Larson (Karl Rove protégé), Hays Companies.
    "Federal investigators are looking into allegations that a longtime friend and benefactor tried to steer money to U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman. Houston is where the first of two lawsuits was filed alleging Nasser Kazeminy, a Bloomington financier, tried to steer $100,000 to Coleman via his wife's Minneapolis employer. The second suit, filed in Delaware, alleges Kazeminy initially tried to get money directly to the senator.”

  • He was beaten in 1998 in his run for Governor by Jesse Ventura.

  • Was persuaded by Karl Rove and George W. Bush to run against incumbent Senator Paul Wellstone in Minnesota's 2002 Senate election. The White House was determined to unseat Wellstone, and felt Coleman, with his popularity in heavily Democratic St. Paul, offered the best chance of doing so. Coleman easily won the Republican nomination. Wellstone was killed in an airplane crash 25 Oct 2002.
  • Abortion opponent, Stem Cell limits to adults and umbilical cord, pro-legislative intervention in cases like Terri Schiavo.
  • Adversary of public employee unions.
  • Strong supporter of the war in Iraq and the War on Terror. He has been a consistent supporter of the war over the past several years, and usually agrees with the positions of the Bush Administration on Iraq.
  • Supports drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
  • Opposes same sex marriage.
  • Opposes legalization of marijuana.
  • Supports Social Security privatization and investment in the stock market.
The costs of the election lawsuit falls to the losing campaign, although state law could require units of government to pay the costs if their errors or irregularities lead to a reversal.

In case you are new to Minnesota and the stories about the Coleman family, here's a blast from the past.

Norman Bertram Coleman Sr., Lewd Behavior

The 81-year-old father of U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman was cited for lewd conduct and indecent exposure Tuesday for allegedly having sex in a vehicle with a 38-year-old woman, according to police reports.
Police responded to a call early Tuesday evening and arrested Norman Bertram Coleman Sr. and the woman, Patrizia M. Schrag of St. Paul, outside a pizza joint on the eastern edge of downtown.
Sen. Coleman issued a statement this afternoon that said:"I love my father dearly. I do not condone his actions or behavior, and I am deeply disturbed by what I have learned. He clearly has some issues that need to be dealt with, and I will encourage him to seek the necessary help."
The elder Coleman was a fixture on the campaign trail four years ago when Coleman defeated former Vice President Walter Mondale after Sen. Paul Wellstone was killed in a plane crash.
Sen. Coleman often held up his father as a hero, a veteran of the Normandy invasion and the Battle of the Bulge. "He's the smartest man I know," the senator said in 2002."

Need More?
http://zaetsch.blogspot.com/2009/01/special-report-lawyers-next-to-pursue.html Norm Coleman
http://tootruthy.blogspot.com/2008/12/fbi-investigates-norm-coleman.html FBI and Norm Coleman
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http://www.muckety.com/Norm-Coleman/1210.muckety Great Interactive Connection Map
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norm_Coleman Coleman Wiki History
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http://www.startribune.com/587/story/576512.html Norm Senior story
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