14 January 2015

You Marketing

What is You Marketing? It is marketing that focuses on the users perspective.

Why are we talking about it on here today? I found notes from a recent gig as Marketing Director -- that, however, is a story for a different day.

When you are using You Marketing, be sure to concentrate on what benefits them. Figure out what the benefits are and how they apply to your customer's life. It is your job to help your customer put themselves into the storyline.

Now for a real eye opener (or at least it will be for some folks reading this) EVERY sentence needs to be about the reader. You'll be able to start practicing this by starting every sentence with the word "YOU" and see what happens. This is really important for your brochures and websites.

What should you include in your mini-media You Marketing program? 
  1. Marketing Plan 
  2. Marketing Calendar 
  3. Identity 
  4. Business cards 
  5. Stationery 
  6. Personal letters
  7. Telephone marketing (could be e-mail marketing too, depends on your business)
6 Things to help you market to your customer
  1. Educate
  2. Entertain
  3. Engage
  4. Enrich
  5. Empower
  6. Evolution
Create Viral Content
  1. Controversial / timely content. Talk about current hot topics. 
  2. Lists - easy to read and offer real life examples. 
  3. Humorous. 
  4. Unique insights on topics. 
  5. Useful resources and tools for your readers. 
  6. Contest posts let your customers give input and have a chance to win something. 

Me versus You
  • People don't care about you
  • People care a lot about themselves 
  • Think in terms of giving, not taking 
  • Start all sentences with "You" and NOT "We" or "Me"

Thanks for stopping past, let me know how I can help you. 

11 January 2015

An Old Farmer's Advice

Your fences need to be horse-high, pig tight and bull-strong.
Life ain’t about how fast you run, or how high you climb, but how well you bounce.
Keep skunks and bankers and lawyers at a distance.
Life is simpler when you plow around the stump.
A bumble bee is considerably faster than a John Deere tractor.
Words that are soaked into your ears are whispered…not yelled.
Meanness don’t jes happen overnight.
Forgive your enemies. It messes up their heads.
Do not corner something that you know is meaner than you.
It don’t take a very big person to carry a grudge.
You cannot unsay a cruel word.
Every path has a few puddles.
When you wallow with the pigs, expect to get dirty.
The best sermons sre lived, not preached.
Most stuff people worry about ain’t never gonna happen anyway.
Don’t judge folks by their relatives.
Remember that silence sometimes is the best answer.
Live a good, honorable life.Then when you get older and think back, you’ll enjoy it a second time.
Don’t interfere with somethin’ that ain’t botherin’ you none.
Timing has a lot to do with the outcome of a rain dance.
The easiest way to eat crow is while it is still warm, ’cause the colder it gets, the harder it is to swaller.
If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop diggin’.
It don’t take a genius to spot a goat in a flock of sheep.
Sometimes you get, and sometimes you get got.
The biggest troublemaker you’ll probably ever have to deal with, watches you from the mirror every mornin’.
Always drink upstream from the herd.
Good judgement comes from experience, and a lotta of that comes from bad judgment.
Lettin’ the cat outta the bag is a whole lot easier than puttin’ it back in.
And if you think your a person of some influence, try orderin’ somebody else’s dog around.

04 January 2015

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

Quirky, interesting and potentially helpful.

Best take-aways from my reading:
  1. Only keep things that spark joy in your life 
  2. Use this sequence for sorting: clothes first, then books, papers, komono (miscellany), and lastly mementos.
  3. Sort photos last and cherish who you are now. The way to sort photos is to go through each one individually and yes that takes a little time. Keep the images that touch your heart and inspire joy.
This was an easy read and like most self-help type books I got some information that applies to my life.

If you read this, let me know what you think of the book.

30 December 2014

Exotic travel without a passport

First off, you should have a passport! As we joke about in our family, you never know when you'll need to leave the country in a hurry. All joking aside, get a passport! Here's a link to get you started - Apply for a New Passport

Now that you've got your application information we will get started on a places you (as a citizen of the USA) can visit without a passport.

Puerto Rico
I've heard people call it "America Lite" but there is way more to it than that. Puerto Rico is officially an unincorporated territory of the United States. One place to check out that you might enjoy is Isla de Vieques. There is a really cool bioluminescent bay that you can paddle in and lots of lovely beaches. No USA passport needed to go and visit.

US Virgin Islands 
By air, the U.S. Virgin Islands are about 5-minutes away from Puerto Rico. There are three main islands, St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. John, and smaller islands too. Each island has its own "thing" and you should select what fits your travel desires. St. John, has beautiful national parkland and amazing diving and fits the bill for people looking to escape. St. Thomas is more for the shoppers in your group with lots of jewelry stores and small boutique shops. St. Croix always feels a bit more luxurious and from Minnesota, lots of folks seem to head there -- must be the good deals and the Scandinavian feel?

Northern Mariana Islands
If you like history, this is a great trip for you! Some of their history includes Spain in the 16th century, Japan during WWII, and the USA since the Battle of Saipan in 1944. There are war memorials and museums to help you understand the varied history of these Micronesian islands. For those that like diving, check out the Grotto, a limestone cavern that is 70-feet deep and has plenty of fish to see.

Guam was also colonized by the Spanish and changed hands during WWII. I learned about the charms of Guam from military friends and the US military is still a major source of income for the area. Things to do include Tumon's beaches which are great for snorkeling and there are visibilities of up to 150-feet. As you might expect, there are attractions for history buffs as well.

American Samoa (Image above is American Samoa - CC)
This is an off the beaten path location -- more than any of the others on this list. American Samoa consists of five volcanic islands and two atolls between Fiji and the Cook Islands. Coral-filled waters, craggy coastlines sculpted of lava, and untouched beaches are the main attractions for those wanting an escape from the day-to-day grind.

28 November 2014

If it's gray outside it must be November in Minnesota

November in Minnesota -- gray, gray and even more gray.

Have you ever heard the term "Minnesota Nice" in realtion to Minnesotans? I'm not sure that it really means people are all the friendly, but they are certainly polite in a Scandinavian fashion. Imagine A Prairie Home Companion and you will have a general idea of what life is like -- yes it is fictional, but still . . .

There are lots of potluck dinners here with plentiful hotdishes (casseroles to the rest of the world) and these can often be located at churches and community functions. You can see some of that community in action in movies like Grumpy Old Men, Drop Dead Gorgeous and in some cases Fargo.

This is a cold and inhospitable place. We have two seasons and you may select which two you prefer. Winter and Road Construction. Winter and getting ready for winter. Cold and hot. The long winters damage roads, and short summers are full of frenzied repair work causes severe (imagine sitting still on the hot pavement) congestion.

Yes, it is brutally cold here and really similar to Siberia -- during WWII a reporter shared that the Russian front was something Minnesotans could understand.  A New York journalist visited St. Paul and declared that the city was "another Siberia, unfit for human habitation." 

November helps ease us into the remaining 4+ months of winter by stealing the sun. Of course the sun will return and we'll know it because the temperatures will be snow-crunching, breathtakingly cold. You know it's cold because the inside of your nose will freeze.

Now some humor from Jeff Foxworthy

Jeff  Foxworthy on Minnesota :
If you consider it a sport to gather your food by drilling through 18 inches of ice and sitting there all day hoping that the food will swim by,
You might live in Minnesota.

If you're proud that your state makes the national news 96 nights a year because International Falls is the coldest spot in the nation,
You might live in Minnesota.

If you have ever refused to buy something because it's "too spendy",
You might live in Minnesota.

If your local Dairy Queen is closed from November through March,
You might live in Minnesota.

If someone in a store offers you assistance, and they don't work there,
You might live in Minnesota.

If your dad's suntan stops at a line curving around the middle of his forehead,
You might live in Minnesota.

If you have worn shorts and a parka at the same time,
You might live in Minnesota.

If your town has an equal number of bars and churches,
You might live in Minnesota.

If you know how to say... Wayzata... Mahtomedi... Cloquet... Edina... and Shakopee,
You might live in Minnesota.

If you think that ketchup is a little too spicy,
You might live in Minnesota.

If vacation means going "up north" for the weekend,
You might live in Minnesota.

You measure distance in hours,
You might live in Minnesota.

You know several people who have hit deer more than once,
You might live in Minnesota.

You often switch from "Heat" to "A/C" in the same day and back again,
You might live in Minnesota.

You can drive 65 mph through 2 feet of snow during a raging blizzard without flinching,
You might live in Minnesota.

You see people wearing hunting clothes at social events,
You might live in Minnesota.

You install security lights on your house and garage and leave both unlocked,
You might live in Minnesota.

You think of the major food groups as beer, fish, and Venison,
You might live in Minnesota.

You carry jumper cables in your car and your girlfriend knows how to use them,
You might live in Minnesota.

There are 7 empty cars running in the parking lot at Mill's Fleet Farm at any given time,
You might live in Minnesota.

You design your kid's Halloween costume to fit over a snowsuit,
You might live in Minnesota.

Driving is better in the winter because the potholes are filled with snow,
You might live in Minnesota.

You know all 4 seasons: almost winter, winter, still winter, and -- of course -- road construction,
You might live in Minnesota.

You can identify a southern or eastern accent,
You might live in Minnesota.

Your idea of creative landscaping is a plastic deer next your blue spruce,
You might live in Minnesota.

If "Down South" to you means Iowa,
You might live in Minnesota.

You know "a brat" is something you eat,
You might live in Minnesota.

You find -10 degrees "a little chilly",
You might live in Minnesota.

26 November 2014

Small house living with less gift giving

Do you know why it is called Black Friday? For retailers it has been the traditional day when they sold enough product to be "in the black" as opposed to being in the red... less desirable from their side.

As we rapidly approach the shopping season -- although it seems Christmas has been going on since early October in Minnesota -- I wondered what people did for gifts. We gave up on gifting when the economy tanked and that fits really well with our less is more lifestyle now too.

I looked around to see what statistics I could locate about holiday shopping. Nerdwallet shares that the average middle-class (how many of those are really still out there?) American household takes three-months to pay off their holiday gift buying costs. So what that really tells me is those gifts you are buying that people aren't really going to appreciate will take you until the end of March 2015 to finish paying for.

We've talked about experiences versus stuff on this blog a number of times, and holidays are no exception. Don't buy things to fill up other people's homes, if you really want to give a gift, give an experience. Be present in the moment with people rather than loading up with presents. (Is it any wonder about English being a hard language to learn!)

Options for "gifting" could include gift certificate for dinner out, theater, subscription for on-line music, museum or zoo membership, food and beverage related, cooking class, art classes. So many options that expand lives and don't add clutter. Have you ever seen this site? Unstuff Gifts » Help Unstuff the Holiday. The other option is the gift of time, there are some great ideas on Miss Minimalist. On the same site is the One Less Gift Certificate that can be printed and shared.

Enough of my ramblings! How are you prepping for the holiday season?

19 November 2014

Wellness Natural Pet Food and Dr. Cindy Bressler Twitter Chat (Wed. November 19th 2014)

 Our dogs LOVE treats and Chinooks have a great historical connection to Old Mother Hubbard so this evening's Twitter chat will be even more fun!

To help pet lovers get ready for the holiday season, Wellness Natural Pet Food's veterinary consultant, Dr. Cindy Bressler, who has worked with P Diddy, Donna Karan and J Lo to name a few, will be hosting a #HappyPawlidays pet safety Twitter chat.

This Wednesday, November 19th at 7:00pm CST, Dr. Bressler will partake in an hour long Twitter cat to discuss tips and tricks for keeping your pets safe this holiday season.

Here are the details -- hope you'll join me and my Chinooks on the chat!

  • When: Wednesday, November 19, 2014 at 8:00pm EST


Chinook dogs playing in the snow - Riley Photo   

Our dogs are looking forward to trying the Jingle Jangle treats being sent from Old Mother Hubbard!

13 November 2014

8 tips for competing in shows

Trey the Labrador

I know, that is a generic title, but these tips will apply to dogs, horses, livestock, art, flowers, really anything that you might show.

  1. Show what you brought with you. I know that seems logical when you read it, but when I see people trying to emulate someone at a show and often the other person has more experience or an entirely different animal. Take the time to actually create the right experience for your animals, it will pay off much better for you in the long run. 
  2. Practice makes perfect.  Always work on having the right technique, even at home when no one is looking. If you keep practicing and have the skills and muscle memory down, it will all hold up when you are at a show even if you are feeling nervous. 
  3. Know the patterns. Walk any pattern you will be practicing by yourself until you have it down. I think back to Helen Crabtree and the Figure 8 -- "trotting" in the circles and counting the steps. (My students will also recognize a similar experience in both dogs and horses.) 
  4. Positive Attitude. Stay positive and look positive too. Anyone else recall the time we took a beauty queen tip to put Vaseline on teeth and neglected to recall that beauty pageants aren't held in dusty horses arenas? 
  5. You've paid for an opinion. Don't be apologetic for being there. Do your best and enjoy yourself. (PS - the best show stories are the really entertaining ones.)
  6. Work through the weaknesses and capitalize on strong points. Nothing and nobody is perfect so do the best you can with what you've got. 
  7. Dress for success. Know what appropriate attire is for your given sport or event and dress the part. 
  8. Patience, patience, patience. This is an excellent tool to use in all parts of your life.

12 November 2014

UrgentRx Lineup Review

What is UrgentRx? A line of portable, fast-acting, over-the-counter medications to give you relief right now. These flavored powders (reminded me of the old Pixie Stix) are packaged in single-dose containers that are about the size of a credit card and fit nicely in your wallet. Although I was skeptical, the powders can absolutely be taken without having access to water -- again, picture Pixie Stix for ease of getting the dosage into your body.

Things I really liked about the product:
  1. Fast relief - Dissolving immediately is a real plus. 
  2. Easy to use: Pour right onto your tongue, no water needed and no waiting for medication to start performing. 
  3. Taste - these taste pretty good for medicine. Lemon-lime, cherry, raspberry and mixed berry were the ones I tasted and they were good. 
  4. Portable - I really liked the on-the-go aspect and carried them around in my purse for a long time to see how they would hold up, and they performed well there too. Packets are about credit card size so easy to store in a wallet. 
  5. Active ingredients - same as the leading brands so you'll know they will work. 
  6. Okay with the FDA - child resistant and regulatory compliance are both there. 
I like this product and will be adding it into our travel bags!

Visit UrgentRx web site or Facebook to learn more

Disclosure: I received six UrgentRx packets free to review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

04 November 2014

VOTE on 4 November 2014

I was disappointed that so many candidates are running unopposed, and how do I find out where to go so I could run unopposed in the next election? (Start at about 15:50 on the video to see some of them.)

Minnesota gets a moment on the video too when there is a calling out about legislation that looks like something from ALEC. In fact it was verbatim from ALEC... please people, at least subscribe to Grammarly and change the words!

Anywho -- hope to see some of you at the polls!

From YouTube
Published on Nov 2, 2014 While midterm coverage is largely focused on the parts of Congress that do very little, vital (and bizarre) midterm elections are going unexamined. State legislators pass a lot of bills, and some of that efficiency is thanks to a group called ALEC that writes legislation for them. It’s as shady as it sounds!

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03 November 2014

Don't Vote!

From Wikipedia

I vote so I can bitch. Why do you vote?

Want to see 10 Republicans that wouldn't make it in today's Republican party? One of them is my childhood pen pal... 10 past Republicans who’d never make it in today’s crazy GOP 

Some humor for you from The Young Turks and yes there is some adult language...

02 November 2014

Documentary - Legends of Ska - Trailer 2014

If you have an opportunity be sure to see this documentary by Brad Klein of Steady Rock Productions. The film shows the early years of Jamaican music and tells the stories from the people that lived and created it. 

31 October 2014

I'm your boogie man

That's what I am... Now I want to make a movie, perhaps a terrifying Bogeyman that can boogie like KC and the Sunshine Band... Oh yes, that is a short movie in the making. There are some music clips after the Halloween trailer.

Digression Alert! The most terrifying time I watched the Halloween movie was on a remote farm in southern Minnesota on a cold, windy night with lots of banging and clanging outside and livestock on high alert... Oh how I love the fear adrenaline! Did this movie scare you?

Perhaps the people in Halloween would have fared better if they had Boogie Shoes...

KC has been my Boogie Man for years and yes, I do get up and dance every single time I hear this tune. In fact I'll need to groove around the room a little before continuing...

Now for the same but different... White Zombie

What's your favorite boogie related clip?

30 October 2014

Easy roasted winter squash

Squash photo from Wiki Commons

I'm always looking for easier ways to do things, and now that I'm using the oven to help heat the house winter squash is a staple.

Here's the best part, you'll be able to make this easily every time and it takes no prep work! Any size winter squash will work fine and you won't need to adjust the cooking times -- I know, so easy!  

Ready? Let's do it! 

  1. Preheat the oven to 400°F. 
  2. Place whole squash on a baking sheet (I used one with a little higher sides since my squash were rolling a little.) and roast until the skin is papery and a fork inserted into 2 or 3 different spots reveals very tender flesh. This takes about 1 hour. 
  3. Set aside until cool enough to handle and peel away the skin, discarding the seeds. 

Serve it up!

  • I love it "as-is" and go from oven to cutting board to plate, yummy and rich! 
  • You can also use it in a casseroles or stews - simple, make enough to feed the folks for a week!
  • Purée in a food processor until smooth to make soups.  (Let me know if you want a recipe.)  

The Smashing Pumpkins - 1979 

29 October 2014

I want to experience life more

So here I am thinking about what is important in my world and I think I want to pursue life experiences even more. I've been steadily divesting myself of "stuff" over the past few years and moving into smaller and smaller spaces and I'm feeling the urge to really pare down those last bits that I've been having a hard time moving on to new homes. Wow, even typing that makes me feel a bit apprehensive about the upcoming project.

One of the things that prompted this newest sort is the missing photos -- I know, it hardly seems like I am missing any photos when you see what I post and the selection on my Riley Photo site, but the missing images are all the dog and horse show photos from my entire career. When all my good clothes were accidentally donated (I still appreciate all the help with the move) it was fine because that was clothing and could be replaced. The photos are important to me because they are animals I have cared about and those old images can never be duplicated.

I have moved a bunch of boxes that keep traveling with us from point-to-point and am now ready to dig in and decide what can go and what can stay... again there is that little bit a dread because this time it is down to the nitty-gritty and these things are all the things I kept thinking were important. Surely some of them will remain in my care and some will move down the road.

Once the sort is complete, I will set up the space to support my photography (yes, I hope people will buy images from me), my addiction to obsessive genealogy research, my dogs and the books I keep talking about writing... If I don't emerge from the sort, send clutter buddies to help!

Do you have tips on going through the last things? How has your sort gone?

27 October 2014

Mind your own business

There is something about this song that appeals to me and I hope it appeals to you too.

Willie Nelson - Mind Your Own Business

24 October 2014

Guilty pleasure - quizzes on Facebook

I admit it, I love those goofy quizzes on Facebook and I took this one thinking it was another one of those but it matched my Myers-Briggs anyway so sometimes those things are accurate. Try the quiz and let me know if yours fits you.



Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain, Salman Rushdie, Julian Assange, Walt Disney, Anne Frank, Fidel Castro, Keira Knightley, Jack White, Ellen DeGeneres, Orson welles, Robin Williams, Gwen Stefani, Sandra Bullock, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Daniel Radcliffe, Sharon Stone


8.1% (I knew I was different!)

enfp - description

ENFPs are warm, enthusiastic people, typically very bright and full of potential. They live in the world of possibilities, and can become very passionate and excited about things. Their enthusiasm lends them the ability to inspire and motivate others, more so than we see in other types. They can talk their way in or out of anything. They love life, seeing it as a special gift, and strive to make the most out of it.

ENFPs have an unusually broad range of skills and talents. They are good at most things that interest them. Project-oriented, they may go through several different careers during their lifetime. To onlookers, the ENFP may seem directionless and without purpose, but ENFPs are actually quite consistent. They have a strong sense of values which they live with throughout their life. Everything that they do must be in line with their values. They see meaning in everything, and are on a continuous quest to adapt their life and values to achieve inner peace. They're constantly aware and somewhat fearful of losing touch with themselves. Since emotional excitement is usually an important part of the ENFP's life, and because they are focused on keeping "centered", the ENFP is usually an intense individual, with highly evolved values.

An ENFP needs to focus on following through with their projects. This can be a problem area for some of these individuals. Unlike other Extroverted types, ENFPs need time alone to center themselves, and make sure they are moving in a direction which is in sync with their values. ENFPs who remain centered will usually be quite successful at their endeavors. Others may fall into the habit of dropping a project when they become excited about a new possibility, and thus they never achieve the great accomplishments which they are capable of achieving.

Most ENFPs have great people skills. They are genuinely warm and interested in people, and place great importance on their inter-personal relationships. ENFPs almost always have a strong need to be liked. Sometimes, especially at a younger age, an ENFP will tend to be "gushy" and insincere, and generally "overdo" in an effort to win acceptance. However, once an ENFP has learned to balance their need to be true to themselves with their need for acceptance, they excel at bringing out the best in others, and are typically well-liked. They have an exceptional ability to intuitively understand a person after a very short period of time, and use their intuition and flexibility to relate to others on their own level.

Because ENFPs live in the world of exciting possibilities, the details of everyday life are seen as trivial drudgery. They place no importance on detailed, maintenance-type tasks, and will frequently remain oblivious to these types of concerns. When they do have to perform these tasks, they do not enjoy themselves. This is a challenging area of life for most ENFPs, and can be frustrating for ENFP's family members.

ENFPs sometimes make serious errors in judgment. They have an amazing ability to intuitively perceive the truth about a person or situation, but when they apply judgment to their perception, they may jump to the wrong conclusions.

ENFPs who have not learned to follow through may have a difficult time remaining happy in marital relationships. Always seeing the possibilities of what could be, they may become bored with what actually is. The strong sense of values, however, will keep many ENFPs dedicated to their relationships. However, ENFPs like a little excitement in their lives, and are best matched with individuals who are comfortable with change and new experiences.

Having an ENFP parent can be a fun-filled experience, but may be stressful at times for children with strong Sensing or Judging tendencies. Such children may see the ENFP parent as inconsistent and difficult to understand, as the children are pulled along in the whirlwind life of the ENFP. Sometimes the ENFP will want to be their child's best friend, and at other times they will play the parental authoritarian. But ENFPs are always consistent in their value systems, which they will impress on their children above all else, along with a basic joy of living.

ENFPs are basically happy people. They may become unhappy when they are confined to strict schedules or mundane tasks. Consequently, ENFPs work best in situations where they have a lot of flexibility, and where they can work with people and ideas. Many go into business for themselves. They have the ability to be quite productive with little supervision, as long as they are excited about what they're doing.

They have a strong need to be independent, and resist being controlled or labelled. They need to maintain control over themselves, but they do not believe in controlling others. Their dislike of dependence and suppression extends to others as well as to themselves.

ENFPs are charming, ingenuous, risk-taking, sensitive, people-oriented individuals with capabilities ranging across a broad spectrum. They have many gifts which they will use to fulfill themselves and those near them, if they are able to remain centered and master the ability of following through.

17 October 2014

Priorities - find yours with Warren Buffett

Life shifts and changes and it seems like there is always something going on and priorities may lose their scale. One of my friends saw the Warren Buffett 5-step process for prioritizing and I thought it might be worth looking at to see what success might look like in this new life. I've included some information in case you want to give it a go too.

I'm looking at creating some new dreams, or perhaps just acting on the ones that are currently out there not being acted upon. Yes, I too am trapped in the"not doing a thing" mode when I look at all the things I want to do.

Let's start with attaining dreams.
  1. Know what you want. 
  2. Learn the skills / tools that will get you there. 
  3. Focus (really focus) to combine the first two. 
  1. Know what you want - List your Top 25 things you want to do in the next few years or in your lifetime. Jot down anything that comes to mind as being important to you that isn’t currently a part of your life. (Have you started writing? I'll wait, grab a paper and pen...) 
  2. Pick your Top 5 - Look over your list and circle the top 5 that are most important to you. This may be hard since everything on the list is probably important to you. 
  3. Make a plan for your Top 5 - how are you going to get started working on these and what is the plan to make it come together?
  4. Focus on the Top 5 - Everything not circled should be avoided at all costs until you have succeeded with your Top 5. 
  5. Know your "Avoid" list - This is the time to focus on the Top 5, any other part of the list is a distraction and needs to be avoided like the plague.  
Now I've got to start writing my list, and even before I start it is challenging. Let me know how you do!

Focus performing Hocus Pocus

14 October 2014

Porcelain Unicorn

A Powerful Short Film in Six Lines and Three Minutes -

Grand prize winner of the Philips Parallel Lines 'Tell It Your Way' international competition. http://keeganwilcox.com

13 October 2014

I don't want you as a client

I'm just coming off a consulting project that reminds me why you should never take on all clients, some just aren't worth the effort. I'm comfortable knowing that there are times my advice is ignored, it's their dime after all. That being said, I have never worked in a situation that offered the level of contrary behavior as I have seen over the past months. This particular program offers a quick and severe morale drop and it takes a heavy toll on productivity and team cohesiveness. 

Want to help your employees lose their enthusiasm? These are great ways to accomplish that -- in other words, don't do these!
  1. Criticize in public
  2. Don't praise
  3. Make sure the job doesn't match the information from the interviews 
Want to see more? Check out Why You Hate Work—New York Times  A version of the complete op-ed appears in print on June 1, 2014, on page SR1 of the New York edition with the headline: Why You Hate Work.

10 October 2014

A walk in the park

ŠKODA’s beast of a baby stroller below - BensBargains

As a general rule, a walk in the park means something easy to do and generally pleasant. For the most part, that is true for me and the dogs when we walk in the local parks. Of course there is always an opportunity for something interesting to happen and today it did.

Today I got to experience what it is like to see two large dogs tied to a baby stroller (more like the one the woman in the photo is pushing, but should have been more like the man's) racing across an open field at my dogs. Yes, that would be bad enough, but this stroller had a baby inside -- no humans or hounds were injured in the encounter.

I admit that I yelled at The Mommy when she blamed me for distracting her dogs. Why yes, I could see that my dogs walk on leash in a public park would be unexpected... Oh wait, no it wouldn't. What was unexpected was seeing two big dogs tied to a baby stroller with no human within reach of them.

Yes, I did mention that perhaps she might be an unfit mother. That did set her off even more when she shared that I didn't. I shared that I don't need to know anyone at all to know that having your dogs tied to a baby stroller and not attached to anything else was poor parenting. I did suggest we could chat with the law and see what they thought. Surprisingly she opted to head out at that point.

Anywho, moral of the story is don't tie dogs to your baby battering ram carriage.

Let's have a little Morrison's Jig with Josh Vietti 

06 October 2014

6 Soft Skills Everyone Needs

EDITED - No sense promoting the program I'm no longer involved with... The 6 skills are still viable so they remain.

  1. Communication – being able to express yourself in writing, a presentation or explain to someone what you need. 
  2. Teamwork and Collaboration – working well with others, meeting deadlines and achieving common goals.  
  3. Adaptability- keep learning, growing and stretching your skills while meeting the needs of your employer.  
  4. Problem Solving – know how to approach a problem, evaluate the problem and solve the problem.  
  5.  Critical Observation – collect, analyze and interpret information and then explain it in a simple way.   
  6.  Conflict Resolution – be able to negotiate with and persuade people to resolve conflict in a positive way.  

05 October 2014

Own less, live more


I'm not sure how I missed this great little house when the article ran in January, but I love the concept of own less and live more. Lily Copenagle and Jamie Kennel planned this great little house and then drew plans using SketchUp, a free, user-friendly 3D program that helps you visualize and experiment, facilitating owner participation in house design.

The New York Times story called "Freedom in 704 Square Feet" is a story about an Oregon couple who built a small house in part to free their lives for other pursuits:

The idea was simple. They would create a home that was big enough for the two of them, but small enough so that it would be easy to maintain, environmentally responsible and inexpensive to operate. And that would allow them to free up their time and funds for intellectual and recreational pursuits. Own less, live more . . .

03 October 2014

The Ultimate Social Media Event Marketing Checklist [Infographic]

If you've been here before, you know I love marketing and sharing things that may help you be more successful in your marketing.

In my "real life" I am newly minted to marketing the AME Alliance (#AMEAlliance) and am always looking for easier ways to accomplish goals.

When I saw this handy-dandy checklist I knew you needed to have it too. Thanks to the folks at Marketo!


27 September 2014

The hurricane is on the way

As I start to go through more things I keep thinking back to the prompt asking what would you take if you had 30-minutes to get out of your house. Sometimes there is a fire coming your way, sometimes a hurricane, but no matter what is heading your way it can be helpful to think about what you would take with you.

When I looked at The Burning House I can feel the moment of deciding what is practical, valuable or sentimental as they suggest. he site shares “What you would take reflects your interests, background and priorities.”

I looked around the inter-webs to see what else was out there for you to peruse and I found some that were interesting. A Collection a Day, Things Organized Neatly (I especially like the laurel of knives...), then there was Everyday Carry for some variety, and then What's In Your Bag on Flickr where people obviously are much neater than I am!

In case you were wondering what my short list is... and even if you weren't...
  • Dogs (They are always at the top of the list, the rest may move around.)
  • Husband 
  • Cameras 
  • Photos / movies 
  • Cell phone (hopefully with a charger) 
  • Laptop (it has family history on it...) 
  • 3 paintings 
  • 1 small box of books 
  • Steubben saddle
  • Jewelry box (sounds better than it is!)
  • Water
What does your list look like? Share it here or on Facebook.

Music for today is Johnny Cash - Ain't No Grave